William G. Fields, 



William G. Fields reigns from Gardena, California, and was reared in Tyler, Texas. After completing his formal education in the public school system in Texas, he continued his quest of preparation and received his B.S. in Education from Jarvis Christia College in Hawkins, Texas. Mr. Fields later received his M. Ed. from Grambling State University. Due to  Hurricane Katrina,  his family evacuated from New Orleans and found a new home in Dubach, Louisiana. Embarking on his 24th year in education, he has served in several capacities of education as a teacher, basketball coach, and currently his 5th-year as a Principal.


List of favorites 

Food: Catfish  

Music: Gospel 

Movie: The Long Kiss Goodnight 

Team: Golden State Warriors

Color: Green

Course in College: Religion  

TV show: King of Queens

Car: Acura Legend

Grade in school: 12th Grade 

Cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats

Board Game: Chess





Wilbert C. Pharr, 

Instructional Coordinator 


Wilbert Pharr is a native of Long Island, New York. With a great passion for music, he attended Louisiana Tech University and received a B.A. in Music. Mr. Pharr also received his M.A. in Teaching from Louisiana Tech University and M. Ed. from the University of Louisiana @ Monroe. Mr. Pharr has taught in the capacity of elementary grades 1-5, middle and high school band. Mr. Pharr serves as our Instructional Coordinator. He oversees data, curriculum and instruction, and provides professional development to teachers.


List of favorites 

Food: New York style pepperoni pizza  

Music: Classical & Gospel 

Movie: Home Alone 

Team: New York Jets

Color: Columbia Blue 

Course in College: Political Science 

TV show: American Greed

Car: BMW

Grade in school: 2nd Grade 

Cereal: Waffle Crisp

Board Game: Monopoly





Tiffany R. Henderson, 




Tiffany R. Henderson was born and raised on the Westbank of New Orleans, LA. She is a proud graduate of O. Perry Walker High School. After high school, she attended Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she received her B.S. in Education. After teaching in the Orleans Parish School System, she relocated to Shreveport after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the loss of her beloved cat, Auntie Sugar-rush. Tiffany has served in several capacities during her 12 years at Sunset Acres Elementary. She is now our Discoveries Teacher, 504 Designee, and TAP Mentor Teacher.


List of favorites 

Food: Boiled Seafood 

Music: Pop 

Movie: Grease

Team: Southern Jaguars

Color: Purple

Course in College: Psychology 

TV show: Will and Grace

Car: Audi

Grade in school: 3rd Grade

Cereal: Fruit Loops

Board Game: Clue